About Us

About Us

Down to earth and down the street

We’ve been around the block.

Original Joe’s is a restaurant and bar, but there’s a little more to us than food specials and bar stools. Back in 1998, “going out to eat” usually meant one of two things—getting fast food or getting fancy. But why couldn’t there be a place that was simply comfortable and close to home? Where you could come as you are and enjoy a quality meal with the family, a craft brew after work, or a nice (halfprice) bottle of wine with friends? That’s us. Original Joe’s. We’re familiar and local. We’re your home away from home whether you’re coming from down the street or out of town, you’ll get a casual, genuine vibe any time you visit one of our restaurant locations.



Good food. Good drinks. Good vibes.

We’re about catching up with friends after a long day at work—both those you’re sharing a drink with and those who are serving you. Where you’re not a regular or a customer, you’re just part of the gang. It’s making date night fun by doubling up on our 2 sides...and sampling and sharing, or making that 33rd date fun by ‘stealing’ some dill dipped fries after swearing you didn’t want any yourself. Or being that home that’s not far from home. Right in your neighbourhood, where you can stop and have some beer and nachos with your rec team before heading home. We’re down to earth and down the street, and being that place for so many people is something that is incredibly important to us.

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Meet me at OJ’s.

Because there’s no replacement to clinking glasses together in celebration, the pleasant surprise that comes when your bartender remembers your name (and drink!) or just being able to settle in and have some casual comfort food and relax. It’s why, for over 25 years, folks keep saying “meet me at OJ’s.” A community is only as good as the people who are part of it. So, thank you for being part of our gang and being part of what makes OJ’s great.