Frequently Asked Questions




Does Original Joe’s offer any vegetarian menu options?

We have plenty of amazing vegetarian dishes to choose from, like our hummus and pita appetizer, salads, pizzas or pastas. That said, our two most popular vegetarian options will probably always be wine and beer.


Does Original Joe’s serve takeout?

Most do. But while you dream about eating an A.C.E. Burger in your underwear, keep in mind that not all of the delicious items we prepare in our kitchens travel well.




When and where did the first Original Joe’s location start serving customers?

We poured our first pints in March 1997 in the Calgary neighbourhood of Marda Loop. Go Flames!


How can I find the address for an Original Joe's in my neighbourhood?

Check out the locations button in our main navigation to find the Original Joe's nearest you. Or look it up on Google Maps. You do you.


Does Original Joe’s have restaurants in the United States or Internationally?

Right now we only have locations in Western Canada. So if you’re an American with a hankering for Dragon Boat Lettuce Wraps, you’re gonna have to come to us.


What are the hours of operations for Original Joe’s?

It depends on the location. Check out our locations to find the hours of operation of the Original Joe's nearest you.


How can I find out about employment opportunities at Original Joe’s?

Going to our FAQ page for an answer shows a lot of promise. We like you already. Check out our careers page to read about all the employment opportunities we offer.


What is Original Joe’s reservation policy?

Some Original Joe’s locations take reservations through OpenTable. Some don’t. If you’re not sure, call up the location and ask. At the very least, you’ll know for sure. At the most, hey, maybe you’ll make a new friend. That said, if you’ve got a group of 6 or more, give us a heads up at our group reservation page to make sure we can comfortably accommodate everyone. 


Do all Original Joe’s restaurants seat minors?

Because we often have no distinction or division between the restaurant and bar, not every location can seat minors. That’s the law. If you’re not sure about the policy of the location nearest you, just give us a call. 


Does Original Joe’s support local community events?

You bet! Need a marathon sponsor? Looking for a place to host your fundraiser? Each location is proud to work with local businesses and select charities within their communities. Contact your local OJ’s for support.