What’s in it for my league?

Not every cup is named Stanley but there are a few that come close and those are generally filled with beer... at least in our eyes. Taste the glory after every game while you and your teammates recap the top-shelf goals and home runs, all while getting some serious deals. By joining OJ’s Beer League Program, your league gives more value to your players and the perks don’t stop there. League members receive:

  • A membership card for all your players.
  • Special prices, exclusive team menu items & goodies for your players.
  • Upon request, we offer our restaurant spaces for the hosting of your league’s or team’s events.
  • $200 in Original Joe’s gift cards to hand out to the team.
  • End of season parties!

Let’s be clear about the game plan: we’re not launching a new league, we’re creating an exclusive program for all Beer Leagues across Western Canada in which leagues like yours can become members. With this being said, let the games begin!

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