Q: What is the OJ’s Beer League program?

A: Let’s be clear about the game plan: we’re not launching a new league, we’re creating an exclusive program for all Beer Leagues across Western Canada in which players like you can become members of. Members get discounts and special prices in restaurants. The current discount includes $15 OJ’s pitchers and half price wings!

Q: How can I or my league be part of this program?

A: If you are a player in a team click here and if you are a league manager click here.

Q: Can any sports team or league be part of the program?

A: Yes, any team or league of any sport can be part of the program.

Q: What does my team need to be part of this program?

A: We request players provide us with their email addresses. Once we have that, you are good to go!

Q: How do I get a discount in restaurants?

A: You will just need to show your card when you are ready to pay or when you order food. Ask your waitress about the discounts you get with the card.

Q: What if I lost my unique pin number (team captain)?

A: Don’t sweat it, stuff happens, especially when your head’s in the game. We got you, we’ll send you another code.

Q: Can I register my tournament in the OJ’s Beer League Program?

A: Tournaments are not part of the OJ’s Beer League program yet but if you think your tournament fits with our program send us an email and we can see what we can do.

Q: Is my card valid in all OJ’s locations?

A: It sure is. OJ’s will honor the Beer League Membership Card in all of its locations across Western Canada.

Q: What happens if I have lost my OJ’s Beer League Membership card?

A: Contact us and we can have another card sent over to you.

Q: How do I make my league register to this program?

A: Easy there tiger, we know it’s hard to resist. Click here and follow these steps.

Q: How does my team or my league leave the program?

A: We’ll be really sad that you’ll want to leave us! You can send an email to beerleague@originaljoes.ca and customer service will assist you in the process.

Q: Do I get 10% on top of other promotions?

A: No, it’s 10% discount on regular item price only.

Email us for more info